You found me. It’s your turn to hide…

peter-and-paulThe quiet storm of Yorkshire comedy PETER BRUSH and I are doing a gig together on Saturday 17th December at Seven Arts in Leeds. Excitingly, we’re making a VHS video of our shows for release in Spring 2017. (Also available on Betamax for an extra £2.50, but possibly sent to you in the electric mail too). We are both doing full-length shows, with the marvellous Isma Almas as our guest sorbet to cleanse the palate, so you should DEFINITELY come along. Dress nicely for posterity. Tickets are £9/8 and arepaul-and-peter currently amply available through this link to the Seven website. It has been suggested that my face is too big on the posters, and his is just a cartoon, so here’s an alternative done by Josh Sadler of the Not So Late Show. Please do spread the word, too. Share it and all that, with your social meadure.

“hugely experienced and immensely skilled” NARC Magazine

“a man whose comic aptitude borders on mythical” Seren

In my head, I am popular with all age groups. In my head. In actual fact, between the family shows and the adult stand-up, there is little middle ground amongst the late teens/early twenties, so I am unlikely to go viral because of the Urban Beardsmen, and feel secretly pleased by that.

I have not been on Russell Howard’s Good News, or indeed anything on BBC3. I have some friends on Facebook, some followers on twitter, and even some subscribers to my youtube channel, but I’ve also got nearly forty fountain pens, and they’re likely to outlast all social media. My money’s on the quill.

★★★★★ “Silky opens himself up to his audience with an hour of often touching, and always funny stand-up. His fluent and intelligent storytelling is impressive, and carries with it a genuine sense of character. This is a performer whose genuine charm captures his crowd. I urge you to go and see it for yourself.” Three Weeks

“cryingly funny” Bath Chronicle

“One of the best Set Lists I saw the whole of last year. Absolutely brilliant. Great improviser, wonderful stand-up, beautiful singer” Fred MacAulay, BBC Radio Scotland

“far better guitar playing than is required for a comedy show” Stewart Lee

★★★★ The Herald “The gems that be found in tiny rooms, eh? He’s like your funny best friend – only funnier.”

★★★★ Broadway Baby

“honest, heartfelt, slickly-delivered, irresistible and, yes, occasionally disturbing stand-up.. Relatable, warm and, crucially, very funny” The List