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Silky CREDIT RACHEL MUNRO FAWCETTif he continues to enthrall and entertain in the manner he displayed, I predict not only will he achieve fame but the phrase “doing a Silky” may well enter the national lexicon as shorthand for disabling a group of 150 people to mirth-bound helplessness… razor-wire toughness, particularly when confronted with a heckler… controlled anger brought out one of the most unforgettable segments of his knock-out performance.’ – The Plymouth Herald

‘Silky was fantastic and went down really well. We delayed him a bit because of long speeches etc, but he didn’t mind and was very accommodating. His ability to remember names and occupations and put them all into a made up song was incredible.’ – Stephen Waller – President, Cheshunt Rugby Club

Liverpudlian-in-exile Paul ‘Silky’ White has been a full time comedian for half his life. He did his first gig impossibly far back in 1994, and his fourth gig  was the final of the 1995 BBC New Comedy Awards alongside Lee Mack, Daniel Kitson and Julian Barratt. It was televised on BBC1’s Stand-Up Show, so no pressure. Other TV Work includes The World Stands Up (Paramount), the Comics Lounge (AUS) and being an extra in all sorts, from Emmerdale to Coronation Street.

He is also the evil mastermind behind Kill for a Seat Comedy around the UK (“Silky runs lovely gigs all across the country” – Rhod Gilbert) and has performed with the Comedy Store’s MEN at Work satirical team, and the Grand Theft Impro, Dublin Comedy Improv and Monkey Lab Improv teams.

Paul headlined the inaugural Frampton Mansell comedy festival, the world’s smallest.
He acted in ‘All Shorts’ for Club West (winners of the coveted Spirit of the Fringe award), and presented WorldArt Media’s TV Stage in Princes Street Garden.

He compered the Big Value Comedy Show Edinburgh Fringe (****, the final of the FHM Comedy Award and has played from Manila to Berlin, Belfast to Prague, Shanghai to Croydon, but he’s never been to me, and actually enjoys making people laugh.

He also acted in a pilot for a SO TV children’s show that was bought for broadcast by Disney, and will never show the tape as Bee Costumes and spandex are involved.

Festival Shows

Silky: Indoor Fireworks. (Edinburgh, Sheffield 2016)BCG


2016 EFSO

“somehow hasn’t picked up as many column inches as he deserves. We’ve yet to see a gig from Silky that is anything less than great, so have no hesitation in recommending his 5th solo hour”

 Sheffield Forum “Last years show was a 4 star success, but this show takes it to the next level and warrants the full 5 stars. I’ve never seen a bad show from this lovable scouse comedian.”

Exposed Magazine “a rare skill indeed. It’s easy to over-look what a talented guitar player he is. He’s never going to fill stadiums with his gentle, enjoyable and intimate shows, but those who get him, really get him and will be back for more.”

FestMag “There’s clearly space for this kind of laidback humour, and there’s a crowd at the Fringe keen to find it”

silkySilky: The Shrieking In My Mind  (Edinburgh 2015)

Gigglebeats “A charmingly relaxed weave of audience interaction, stories and songs. What shouldn’t get lost in that mix is that he can pick a mean guitar. Laid-back, funny, folksy.. talent for a memorable chorus. His set flew by unbelievably quickly. The sort one remembers when memories of starrier and more outrageous names have faded.”

Silky: Tribute Act (Edinburgh 2014) silky-ta

★★★★ The Herald “The gems that be found in tiny rooms, eh? He’s like your funny best friend – only funnier.”

  ★★★★ Broadway Baby “supremely talented as a musical comedian, with inventive chord progressions and punch lines neatly packed into rhymes that are never strained.. his jokes are never at anybody’s expense, nor does he ever resort to crass stereotyping”

Fred MacAulay, BBC Radio Scotland “One of the best Set Lists I saw the whole of last year. Absolutely brilliant. Great improviser, wonderful stand-up, beautiful singer” 

Audience reviews from

“the best show of the whole Edinburgh Fringe.. an excellent performance by a man with exceptional story telling ability.. has a brilliant rapport with the audience.” Paul Hough, audient.

“This is a brilliant and engaging show from a natural performer. Silky’s comedy is gentle, aware, inclusive, heartfelt and just plain funny. The audience is invited to be an integral part of the act; it is impressive how easily Silky can turn an ordinary disparate audience into a group of friends laughing in a basement. Delightful and charming. Laurel, audient.

“I LOVED this show!! Can’t understand why Silky’s not in one of the bigger venues. The songs made me cry laughing, I have been recommending to everyone.Also… not show related as such but the mini flyers are ace!” Nicola, audient.


Silky: It Was This Show Or Have Kids (Edinburgh 2013) silky qp 2013

***** “Silky opens himself up to his audience with an hour of often touching, and always funny stand-up. His fluent and intelligent storytelling is impressive, and carries with it a genuine sense of character. Assurances are made to the audience that they must have fun, and jokes are offered on demand if somebody raises their hand; a touch that gives the show a friendly, informal feel. Silky’s willingness and capacity to laugh at himself is another aspect that adds warmth, as is the bitter-sweet final revelation of his dilemma, and the tragicomic sense of being trapped between the things he loves the most. This is a performer whose genuine charm captures his crowd. I urge you to go and see it for yourself.” Tom Bateman, Three Weeks

“To make people laugh for a living must be the hardest job in the world, but there are some performers for whom it seems effortless. Silky is one of these.” Simon Patullo, The Skinny

honest, heartfelt, slickly-delivered, irresistible and, yes, occasionally disturbing stand-up.. There are plenty of laughs along the way from this accomplished joke-smith. Relatable, warm and, crucially, very funny, his stand-up stands on its own.” Suzanne Black, The List

“Silky clearly understands how to make people feel relaxed; he’s a natural storyteller with an unforced warmth that unites the gathered group of strangers.. this likable, laidback Liverpudlian is your man… on the basis of keeping everyone in the room happy, his jack-of-all-trades approach is shrewd.” Nione Meakin, Chortle

Silky: Nut Allegory (Edinburgh Festival 2012)

silky qp 2012 v2“The odd-looking comic recounts these tales with flamboyance and flair, and despite his tendency to go off on many tangents, he always manages to bring the point home and deliver the crucial line with great timing.” Mark Gregory, Broadway Baby

“keen to please, but able to disturb” Jamie Cameron, The List

“In fairness, I ought to say that other spectators appeared to enjoy the show far more than I did” Nicholas Jones, Three Weeks, left before the end.

“an expert on the physics of stand-up performances.. Two things, however, elevate the show.. One is his ability to improvise a more-than-serviceable comedy song from three elements suggested by the audience… and then there’s the final routine, after which the show is named, in which Silky describes finding a lump in his testicle and the ensuing medical process. He’s not the first comic to get laughs from the indignity of this awkward situation, made all the funnier because the stakes are so high, but he does it skilfully, employing well-developed storytelling skills to wrap up the hour nicely.” Steve Bennett, Chortle

Silky : Criminally Underrated

‘The man just has an overwhelming nose for mischief and trouble … the entire show went hilariously off kilter as Silky just went where the evening took him. It was fascinating to see how he willingly, joyously, threw himself into the bear pit and revelled in living on his wits for the entire hour. He’s not pushy or hardfaced at all – just very mischievous. Watching him deal with it all—and stay afloat throughout, although there were some scary moments—was stand up in its purest, rawest form and it was amazing to watch. One of the bravest and most unusual sets of the festival.’
Vicky Anderson, Liverpool Daily Post

Silky: Secret Underground Test

‘In front of a capacity crowd in the famous Cavern Club, Silky’s mix of witty chat and cheery songs delighted all present’ – 
Liverpool Echo

‘Silky remains the only comedian to have my complete admiration for his lack of fear of hecklers, and the only man (for my money) who has ever kept the concept of humouring them positive and amusing for the rest of the audience.’ – Vicky Anderson, Daily Post

‘Terrific. Refreshing, off-the cuff … excellent.’ – The Herald

‘Massively engaging guitar-playing stand-up whose instinctive rapport with audiences makes him welcome wherever he goes.’ – Guardian Guide (Pick of the Week)

‘A very, very funny fella … just brilliant.’ – 
John Bishop

‘Funny and clever.’ – Tim Minchin

‘Silky has consistently proved himself one of the best and most reliable performers around. Highly recommended.’ – Leeds Guide

‘Always brilliant.’ – Metro

‘Always a delight to watch, weaving his pre-prepared material seamlessly into his off-the-cuff stuff. His set is energetically charged with gently quirky material and plenty surprises along the way. Effortless … simply a comedy natural.’ – City Life

‘Not only is he funnier than me but he is also better at the guitar. He, unlike me, is a fully rounded human being and I am riddled with a poisonous envy. See him if you must.’
Boo Hewerdine

‘Very talented … brilliant.’ – The List

‘Skilful and entertaining … Silky’s audience banter is sans pareil.’ – Time Out

‘One of the comedy circuit’s most popular headliners … On the cusp of Superstardom.’ – Yorkshire Life

‘Among the best of the circuit … born funny.’ – City Life

‘Silky stole the show … effortlessly sharp wit and on-the-spot banter. His material was fresh, and he had plenty to say.’ – Exeter Express & Echo

‘Most impressive; a mixture of solid material, genial audience banter, and snatches of song … kept up a fine tempo, and even managed to bring the evening to an end on the dot of closing time. Expertly done … Silky gave his usual superior performance.’ – Bath Chronicle

‘Razor-sharp comic mind … always leaves the audience in stitches.’ – Crack Magazine

‘Excellent … Silky has a knack for creating a great mood with his talent and polished routine.’ – Daily Information

‘Hugely impressive’ – Leicester Mercury

‘wonderful, a firm favourite with the audience and well known as one of the best comperes in the business … effortlessly brings audiences together in tears of laughter, despatches hecklers with devastating ease.’ – Tenby Observer

‘Silky was upsettingly funny, biting without alienating the audience … left me with aching stomach muscles, teary eyes and a need to buy more anti-wrinkle cream for the laughter lines around my eyes.’ – BBC Online

‘Most remarkable … His ability to play the hardest rooms is legendary amongst comedians.’
Liverpool Echo

‘250 students + Silky headlining = a standing ovation + encore’ – Peter Vincent, Ten Feet Tall

‘A standing ovation from the crowd … brought Silky back on stage for an encore.’ –

‘One of those naturally funny people … his irresistible stage persona combines angriness with silliness.’ – Manchester Online

‘A central figure on the UK comedy circuit. Come see the funny man, find out for yourselves.’
Evening Chronicle (Newcastle)

‘Officially one of the loveliest comics on the circuit.’ – Motion Magazine

‘A likeable, intelligent and subtle performer, handles his audience with real skill.’ – South Wales Evening Post

‘One of the city’s top comedians. Silky has perfected the art. Dangerous stuff.’ – Liverpool Daily Post

‘Superb banter and ad-libbing, and fantastic acoustic songs.’ – XS Manchester

‘Silky is well known as one of the best comperes on the circuit, his actual act is quite superb as well … it was impossible to stop laughing. This was the first time I’ve seen an opening act get an encore … excellent. It’s a mystery to me why Silky isn’t a lot more well-known, the boy is something approaching comedy genius.’ – (Toby Foster’s Last Laugh, Sheffield)

‘A mix of self-deprecating wit, music and off-colour remarks to the front row.’ – Venue Magazine

‘Spectacular.’ – Midlands Arts Centre

‘if laughter is the best medicine in these frankly depressing times, then your friendly neighbourhood pharmacist is Silky.. always a crowd pleaser.’ – Rob Bellis, Wrexham Evening Leader

‘If you want to know how to work an audience, and tailor your act to suit its uniqueness, as well as learn how to respond to hecklers and get some sparky chemistry going with the crowd, you could do a lot worse than Silky.’ – Yorkshire Post

‘Thank you for being our compere. You went down a treat and held the show together brilliantly.’ – Rick Crawford, Organiser, Bright Club, Manchester

‘We were then treated to an impromptu performance by musician and comedian Silky who performed some acoustic covers and offered some great comedy in between songs. He was really talented and definitely hilarious. Having seen him perform I would definitely recommend anyone to go and check out one of his comedy shows.’ – Leeds Indie Radio

‘One of the nicest comics on the circuit, Silky makes rooms rock. More addictive than crack.’ – Leeds Guide